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Among the various rewards for my Patreon supporters (most of which relate to by work with Autistic Not Weird), I’ve recently started uploading some of my non-Underdogs-related fiction.

Here is an index of the ones I have uploaded so far- click the titles to go to their respective pages.


You’ll Be A Good Man One Day (uploaded 19th February 2021)

A pensive godfather watches his godson grow up, from his baptism as an infant to his eighteenth birthday, experiencing all the emotional twists and turns of caring for a child. Might make you cry.


You Can’t Hear Me (uploaded 10th March 2021)

An unaccommodating mother forces her 12-year-old son with learning difficulties on a trip to the cinema, to try experiencing the type of parenthood she feels entitled to.


Mourning The Living (uploaded 17th May 2021)

Some painful reflections on the people I’ve lost over the years… even though they’re still alive.


Becoming Uncle Joe (uploaded 30th July 2021)

A foulmouthed autobiographical piece, regarding one of the things I regret most in my life.


Blessing (uploaded 25th August 2021)

One hour away from death, a man has one final chance to literally confront his past.


New stories will be added sporadically.

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