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Underdogs: Acceleration

Underdogs: Acceleration can be ordered right now, via this link.

The Underdogs of Spitfire’s Rise are falling apart. A month on from their mission to destroy the AME shield, the surviving remnants of Britain’s last army are called into battle again – this time to avert the deaths of tens of thousands of prisoners.

The Underdogs series, hailed as ‘hugely popular’ by The Guardian and much-loved within the neurodiversity community and beyond, continues into its penultimate novel. The war between the Oakenfold students and maniacal dictator Nicholas Grant is entering its closing stages, and the world is getting darker. Once again the neurodiverse skills and defiant bravery of the Underdogs are pitched against the horrors of military science… and, of course, innumerable cloned soldiers. Only this time, the battle against the mysterious Acceleration project will take place far away from New London, far away from home, and far away from anything Ewan and his allies have ever experienced before, physically or emotionally.

Meanwhile, the teenage assassin Oliver Roth has been offered a promotion that would make him the second most powerful person in Britain. But it’s conditional on the success of his next mission: the discovery and annihilation of Spitfire’s Rise. Conflicted after his conversation with Joseph McCormick, Roth sets out with five-hundred clones to find the Underdogs’ hideout, knowing that the mission’s outcome will define the young man he truly is.

The Underdogs enter the next bout of their war against Nicholas Grant, clueless that their home is being targeted. Can Acceleration be stopped, with dwindling resources and fewer fighters than ever? What is Nicholas Grant’s endgame for Britain and the wider world? Will Oliver Roth find Spitfire’s Rise, and what will happen if he does?

Underdogs: Acceleration takes an even more mature turn than its predecessors, discussing the darker elements of human nature, the emotional toll of leadership and combat, and building to a conclusion that will leave you pleading for book four’s epic finale. As always, the series remains suitable for both younger readers and adults, regardless of their understanding of special needs or neurodiversity.


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