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Underdogs: Uprising

Underdogs: Uprising is available for pre-order right now, from this link. (There is also an option there to order the entire series together.)

This is it.

The Underdogs series, hailed as “hugely popular” by The Guardian and much-loved within the neurodiversity community and beyond, reaches its final novel.

Thirteen months of war have taken a devastating toll on the Underdogs, and the outlook for the wider world looks bleak. Their fight is no longer about freeing the British population, but rather guaranteeing the survival of humanity, and the Underdogs as always do not have the numbers on their side.

But, thanks to their relentless efforts and painful sacrifices, Nicholas Grant is now in a position where he could be defeated. The weakened survivors of the Underdogs have a chance to capitalise on their achievements throughout the war but, struggling and bereaved, there are many internal challenges for them to overcome before they even reach New London, and begin their all-or-nothing ascent to Floor A.

Underdogs: Uprising brings the Great British Rebellion to a close. All the long-standing issues throughout the series are set to be resolved: not least the relationship between Shannon and her father, the vendetta between Ewan West and Oliver Roth, and the fate of James Arrowsmith. The characters’ journeys reach their conclusion against the backdrop of an apocalyptic showdown, with the fate of the human population at stake.

As always, the series remains suitable for both younger readers and adults, regardless of their understanding of special needs or neurodiversity.


Pre-order link for Underdogs: Uprising via Unbound

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