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Hello, and welcome to You may have worked it out already, but this site is undergoing some substantial revamping (hence why it temporarily – as of June 2023 – looks rubbish.) Nonetheless, here are a few details about me to get you started. For more information about me, the best place to go for now is

Chris’s story is amazing and he is an incredible speaker on neurodiversity. He delivers keynotes with humour, humility and with an incredible insight that goes way beyond inspiration. If you want a neurodiverse speaker who can hold an audience in the palm of his hand and take them on a journey that leaves them more connected than before, book him.

-Jaz Ampaw-Farr, Speaker of the Year 2022


Hello, and welcome to

I am an autistic advocate, speaker, author and consultant, with a background in teaching (in both mainstream and specialist settings).

I speak to audiences of all types, largely on the topics of:

  • Hiring, retaining, and enabling autistic employees
  • How to make the workplace work for your neurodivergent colleagues
  • How to build up your autistic students to reach their potential
  • Looking after the wellbeing and mental health of your autistic employees, students, clients or service users

My aim is for not merely the ‘awareness’ or even acceptance of autistic people everywhere, but for us to be appreciated for our inherent value. For autistic employees, students, and service users to have the same access to opportunity and space to perform as the general population – and not just as an act of charity.

My overarching philosophy is that human progress relies on diversity of thought, and it’s our responsibility to not just ‘tolerate’ that diversity, but embrace it.


I really think you’ll soon be one of the most influential voices in the autism world.

-Travis Saunders, education consultant and autism advocate, following the Sydney Opera House event below.


Excerpt from “Five lessons I wish I’d learned growing up autistic”, delivered at Sydney Opera House for Autism Awareness Australia, 5th April 2018.


Are you seeking a conference speaker? Take a look at my speaking page for details on what topics I talk about, and feel free to get in contact.


Audiences to date have included:


Can we have you back?

-Gareth Parry, CEO of Remploy UK (literally moments after I sat down at the end of my talk).


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