Thanks for your interest in ordering Underdogs! Here are all the links to I have for ordering options, for both physical and digital versions.

When other options become available or when important announcements need to be made, I will let people know via the Underdogs mailing list (for important updates only, no spam or pointless stuff).

Underdogs (the original novel)

Amazon UK (physical copies):
Amazon UK (Kindle version):

Amazon US (physical copies):
Amazon US (Kindle version):
Barnes and Noble:

Physical copies via the Book Depository for anyone, anywhere (free international shipping!):

Amazon CA (Kindle version only):
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Unbound link for digital versions, available anywhere:

Underdogs (audiobook version)

Underdogs: Tooth and Nail (part two in the series)

Pre-order link for part two in the Underdogs series! Exclusive rewards available for those who pre-order, not least having your name printed in the book.